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Our tortillas are fresh made locally!
Served on soft flour tortillas (except for Yo Mama’s Taco)
Soft corn tortillas available for extra 50¢
Gluten-free corn tortillas available upon request

Miss Saigon*5.50
Marinated filet mignon (grass-fed), red onion, shredded romaine, jasmine rice, fresh lime juice

spicyI Wanna be a Cowboy (and you can be my Cowgirl!)5.50
Dry rubbed (spicy) pan-seared chicken breast (Springer Mountain Farms, Mt. Airy, GA), Jim Beam bbq sauce, purple slaw with fresh pineapple

Marinated grilled flank steak  (Painted Hills Natural Beef, Wheeler, OR), crispy yucca, chimichurri sauce

Skinny Bitch5.50
Grilled mahi (Wild Caught) Greek yogurt aioli, pineapple salsa, red cabbage

Do the Mashed Potato NEW5.50
Mashed boniato, spicy chorizo sausage, fried egg, Panting Dog Hot Sauce on soft corn tortillas

Locally sourced fresh ground lamb (Superior Farms, Dekalb FM); slowly cooked with red & green peppers, fresh tomato; topped with a homemade yogurt sauce; infused with raw honey and fresh mint

We’ve Got Seoul4.50
Korean BBQ pork belly (Thompson Farms, Dixie, GA), kimchee Slaw, salsa verde

Korean BBQ pork belly (Thompson Farms, Dixie, GA), sautéed kimchee, bulgogi Sauce

Uncle Morty4.50
Slow roasted beef brisket (Painted Hills Natural Beef, Wheeler, OR), marinated grilled onions served in its own “Special Sauce”

spicyTastes Like Chicken (…yes, it’s chicken) 3.50
Plantain encrusted chicken breast (Springer Mountain Farms, Mt. Airy, GA), creamy cilantro sauce, jalapeños, lettuce and tomatoes

Go Fish!3.50
Plantain encrusted tilapia, creamy cilantro sauce, cabbage slaw

Yo Mama’s Taco3.50
An old school seasoned ground beef (Painted Hills Natural Beef, Wheeler, OR) taco, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes: served in hard corn shell

vegetarianSpicy Pepper Love NEW (vegetarian)4.50
Fire-roasted poblano peppers, corn, sweet onion, salsa verde, queso fresco cheese on soft corn tortillas

vegetarianspicyTree Hugger (vegetarian) 4.50
Soft corn tortillas, jasmine rice, black bean pureé, avocado, lettuce, tomato, Panting Dog Hot Sauce

vegetarianspicyBollywood (vegetarian)3.50
Traditional Indian samosa filling with curried potatoes, peas; and served with tamarind coriander chutney


Grass-fed, daily house ground beef brisket and beef chuck9.99
Served on a freshly baked bun with white organic American cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, diced tomatoes, 3 Bad Dog signature sauces PLUS our homemade tator tots with Drooling Dog Habañero Ketchup

The Uncle Morty Cheeseburger13.50
Double patty, double cheese, top with Uncle Morty brisket and a fried egg served with yucca fries and Drooling Dog Habañero Ketchup



House Margie6.50
Old Mexico blanco tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec

Double Your Fun Margie9.00
Double pour of Old Mexico blanco tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec

FatAss Skinny Margarita9.00
Lunazul reposado, fresh squeezed lime juice, raw agave nectar

Don’s Punch9.00
Lunazul reposado, fresh squeezed lime juice, Don’s Mix

Jalapeño Margarita9.00
Infused blanco tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec, muddled jalapeños

Da Whole Shebang Rita11.00
Lunazul reposado, fresh squeezed lime juice, Pür Pear Liquor


Rotating taps, bottles and cans


Rotating wine offerings


Iced Tea (sweet and unsweet), Lemonade2.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Bottled Water (flat)2.00
Mexican Coke (real sugar)2.50
Mexican Sprite (real sugar)2.50
Pellegrino Sparkling Water2.50/sm • 5.00/lrg
Acqua Panna5.00/lrg

Bad Dog Brunch is Served!!

Come and hang out with us on Saturday & Sunday for an internationally inspired brunch.

Brunch starts both days at 10am and doesn’t stop until 5pm. Think Indian inspired gluten free chicken & waffles, house made corned beef hash, beet latkes with wild caught salmon, etc.


Our chips are hand cut and made fresh daily!

Mix of Yucca, Plantain, Boniato and Corn Chips4.00
Served with: salsa fresca, plantain pineapple serrano, Panting Dog Hot Sauce (all three salsas)

Mix of Chips w/ Grilled Guacamole5.50

Regular Queso w/ Corn Chips4.49

Queso w/ Chorizo Sausage4.99

Yucca Fries w/ Habañero Ketchup4.00

Homemade Tator Tots w/ Habañero Ketchup4.00

Rice & Black Beans3.00


Salsa Fresca ($1.50)
Pineapple Plantain Salsa ($1.50)
Sliced Avocado ($2)
Pickled or Fresh Jalapenos (50 cents)
Salad Dressing (Side Salad 50 cents, Large Salad $1)
Four corn or flour tortillas ($2)
Guacamole (small $3.75 large $6.75)
Queso (small $2.75 large $5.75)
Queso with chorizo sausage (small $2.75 large $5.75)


Sour Cream .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Guacamole 1.00 taco, 2.00 burrito/salad
Avocado 1.00 taco, 2.00 burrito/salad
Queso .50 taco, 2.00 burrito/salad
Shredded Cheese .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Double Meat: Chicken, Ground Beef, Tilapia 1.50 taco, 3.00 burrito/salad
Double Meat: Filet Mignon, Flank Steak 3.25 taco, 4.25 burrito/salad
Salsa Fresca .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Pineapple Plantain Salsa .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Fresh Jalapeños .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Pickled Jalapeños .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Extra Sauce .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad
Hot Sauce .50 taco, 1.00 burrito/salad


All contain romaine mix, roma tomatoes, corn, black beans, onions, avocado, crispy plantains, queso fresco and pecans

Make it a side salad$5.99

Add any homemade dressings:
Balsamic Vinairette, Pineapple Plantain, Creamy Cilantro, Tomato Cumin, Avocado Tahini

Turn any taco into a salad

Tastes Like Chicken, Yo Mama’s Taco, Go Fish!, Bollywood10.50

Jindo, We’ve Got Seoul, Uncle Morty, Tree Hugger, Spicy Pepper Love11.50

Miss Saigon, Evita, Skinny Bitch, Kardashian, I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Do the Mashed Potato13.50

Make it warm for $2.50 more by adding jasmine rice and heated black beans!


Service in a 12″ flour tortilla with jasmine rice, black bean puteé, lettuce and tomato

Turn any taco into a burrito

Tastes Like Chicken, Yo Mama’s Taco, Go Fish!, Bollywood7.50

Jindo, We’ve Got Seoul, Tree Hugger, Uncle Morty, Spicy Pepper Love8.50

Miss Saigon, Evita, Skinny Bitch, Kardashian, I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Do the Mashed Potato11.50


Ask about our dessert specials!